12 Course Tasting Menu


Monday to Saturday Lunch till 4.30pm

Not Available on Sunday

 Indian Street Food Lunch Menu


Our Lunch menu consists of a variety of small plates made up of tapas style dishes. You can order any one dish or a selection of dishes to enjoy on your own or share with friends, family or work colleagues.Our menu is also designed in a way that enables our guests to sample a wide range of dishes before making bookings for a more elaborate ala carte style evening dinner experience

This menu suits diners who are dining on their own, in twos or in big groups. Our service style for lunch is more casual and does not follow a three course sequence. Essentially, the dishes are served as soon as they are ready.


Vegetarian / Vegan dishes £5.95 per dish 


Sweet potato dumplings, coconut chutney, sambar. VE

This is a typical street food snack from South and Western India. Great for vegans and for people with gluten intolerances. (Vegan) (Allergy: MD, SD) 

Cauliflower Manchurian, fresh julienne salad  VE

Manchurian is the result of the adaptation of Chinese cooking and seasoning techniques to suit Indian tastes and has become a staple of Indian Chinese cuisine. Crispy morish nuggets of cauliflower, wrapped in a hot and spicy Indo-Chinese style sauce.  (Vegan) (Allergy: SY,G)

Homemade vegetarian samosa, chickpea masala, yoghurt and chutneys. 

These South Asian pastry savoury snack have a filling of potatoes, red onions, sweet corn, and spices. 

(Ask for Vegan option) (Allergy: G, SD, D)  

Filled portobello mushroom, assorted chutneys.  VE

with spinach, vegan cheese, assorted peppers and mango red onion salad. 

(Allergy: None)  

(NEW) Spring greens with goats cheese in filo pastry with a tomato and red pepper sauce

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk, Mustard)

(NEW) Garlic flavoured hasselback potatoes chaat.

(Allergen: Milk, mustard)

Pooris filled with potato and chickpea, topped with an assortment of chutneys and sweet yogurt 

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk)

(NEW) Asparagus pakoras with onion chutney.

(Allergen: Gluten, Mustard)

(NEW) Paneer fritters, indian cottage cheese, is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk)

Meat dishes £6.95 per dish 

Pulled Pork Spring Roll , salad , sweet chilli dressing 

An Ambrette speciality made of slow roasted pork shoulder infused with Indian and Chinese flavours. 

(Allergy: G, E, SY) 

Chicken thigh in a herb marinade, salad, raita, mint coriander dressing. 

Brochettes of chicken thigh in a herb and coriander marinade.

(Allergy: MLK, E)

Chicken breast in a creamy mace and cardamom marinade, salad, yoghurt, black pepper and 

mayo dressing

Brochettes of chicken breast in a mild, creamy marinade. 

(Allergy: MLK, S,MD)

Crispy chicken lollipop with a mint and yoghurt raita and fresh salad(Allergen: D,Gluten, egg)

(Chef Special) Stir fried fillet of crispy beef in a sweet chilli sauce with peppers and spring onion.

(Allergy:  G, MD)  

(NEW) Goan style spiced scotch quail eggs with a sweet chilli sauce

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk, egg)


Breast of wild duck, spiced pineapple chutney, chilli and orange sauce

Allergen : Mustard


(NEW) Lamb Kebab, mint and coriander chutney

(Allergen: Gluten, Milk) 

Seafood dishes £8.50 per dish

Crab cakes with red onions, garlic, spring onions and sweet chilli sauce

These fusion style crab cakes have been inspired by flavours from Thailand. They have been created using brown and white British crab meat and Indian and Thai spices. They are full of flavour and moderately spiced. 

(Allergy: G, C, E, F, M, MD) 


Crispy Indo-Chinese seafood, fresh julienne salad  

This dish has been inspired by the cooking of Chinese immigrants settling in India. Indian spices are used alongside flavourful Chinese sauces. Crispy chunks of prawn, squid and fish are tossed in a garlic flavoured sweet chilli sauce with plenty of fresh spring onions.

(Allergy: C, E, F, M, SY,G)


Fillet of grilled sea bass , sauteed spinach, kerala style coconut sauce. 

We have drawn inspiration from a traditional kerala recipe called fish moilee.  

(Allergy: F, D, MD, M ,C,) 


Tiger prawns grilled in a seafood marinade, stir fried seasonal veg, tomato red pepper sauce.

These prawns are coated in a marinade of mustard, ginger and aromatic spices and then lightly grilled. They are mild to medium in flavour and are deliciously matched with a tangy tomato sauce

(Allergy: C, MD,) 


Soft shell crab, crab raita, tamarind chutney.

These delicious crabs are caught in the warm waters of the Indian rivers, they are a rare delicacy and are only

harvested three months in a year.

(Allergy: C, M, F, MD, G)


Cocktail Seafood Nizza

Anchovy sauce, tamarind chutney, tomato garlic chutney, spiced mozzarella and cheddar, diced red onions and peppers, tiger prawns, soft shell crab and seabass, fresh dill and coriander

(Allergy: gluten,fish, milk, crustaceans)

(NEW) Chilli Tiger Prawns

(Allergen: crustaceans, soya )


Garlic coriander naan £2.95  /  Pork Crackling £2.95 / Chickpea masala £2.95 / Spiced potato wedges £3.95/ Crispy okra £4.95 / Seasonal Vegetables £2.95 / Biryani Rice £2.95 / Side Salad with dressing £1.05


Chicken Biryani - £14.95

Butter chicken sauce with seasonal vegetables, yoghurt raita

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard

Lamb Biryani - £16.95

Kashmiri style sauce with seasonal vegetables, yoghurt raita

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard

Seafood Biryani - £16.95

South Indian style sauce with sauteed spinach, yoghurt raita

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard

Vegetable Biryani - £12.95

Seasonal vegetables and paneer, lentil dahl, yoghurt raita

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, milk, mustard


Vegan Biryani - £12.95

seasonal vegetables and soya, lentil dahl, yoghurt raita 

Allergen advice. Directly contains: - Gluten, mustard,soya


A thin and crispy South Indian crepe, made up of a batter of rice and lentils, filled with a variety of savoury fillings (selection below). Served with a lentil soup called a sambar and an assortment of chutneys.

(Allergens: CE, MLK, MD, E) (Ask for vegan) 


Choose From:

Masala potato - £12.00

Spinach - £12.95

Chicken - £14.95

Lamb - £16.95



A Thali refers to an Indian style meal made up of various small tapas style dishes served on a round platter. (Allergens change on a daily basis) 


Vegetarian Thali - 14.95

Butter Paneer, aubergine mash, south Indian roast potatoes, lentils, spinach, seasonal vegetables. biryani rice, paratha, poppadom, salad, mango chutney, onion chutney  and dessert 

Vegan Thali - 14.95

vegan butter chicken, aubergine mash, south Indian roast potatoes, lentils, spinach, seasonal vegetables. biryani rice, paratha, poppadom, salad, mango chutney, onion chutney  and dessert 

Seafood Thali - 16.95

Kerala Style Prawns, grilled sea bass, crispy seafood in sweet chilli sauce, sambar, sauteed spinach, south Indian style roast potatoes, plain dosa, biryani rice, poppadom, crispy salad, mango chutney, onion chutney and dessert

Non Vegetarian Thali 15.95

Butter Chicken, Lamb Rogan Josh, slow cooked beef, south Indian style roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables,  lentils, garlic coriander naan, Biryani rice, poppadom, crispy salad, mango chutney, onion chutney and dessert  



Hot drink and mini dessert £6.95

(Without hot drink (£4.95)

Choose a pudding :

Rose and vanilla crème brûlée 

An exotic twist to a classical French dessert with a subtle hint of rose and Madagascan vanilla. (Allergy: E, MLK)

Chocolate samosa

Handcrafted by our dessert chefs, these moreish nuggets of sweet pastry and milk chocolate were introduced to Kent by us in 2005. (Allergy: G, MLK, SD, E)


Mango kulfi 

It is a traditional Indian Ice cream. Every region has its own flavour and speciality. It is a popular choice during the hot and sweltering Indian summer months.  (Allergy: MLK, N, E) 

Lemon bavarois

An excellent palate cleanser after a flavoursome and spicy meal. Star anise adds depth and complexity of flavour to this tangy citrusy French pudding. (Allergy: MLK, G)

Spanish saffron, Madagascan vanilla and coconut cheesecake 

This is our twist on a classic cheesecake. Not too sweet. Creamy with hints of saffron. (Allergy: MLK, G) 

Chocolate Tart

This is one not to be missed by chocoholics! Rich Chocolate tart with indulgent chocolate biscuit base

(Allergy: G, MLK, E, N, P, SY) 

Vegan Chocolate Delice 

A treat for vegans made with dairy free dark chocolate on a ginger nut biscuit base. The mousse is created using plant based cream and butter. . (Allergy: G, N, P, SY) 


Choose a Hot Drink : (Soya and oat milk available on request)

Hot Chocolate £2.50

Chai Latte £2.50


Americano £3.30

Latte £3.30

Flat White £3.30

Cappuccino £3.30

Single £1.95 / Double Espresso £2.95 


Masala Chai £2.95

English Breakfast Tea  £2.95

Peppermint Tea £2.95

Green Tea £2.95

Chamomile £2.95

Red Berry Tea  £2.95

Earl Grey £2.95