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Order any breakfast and choose a hot drink with our compliments. 

English/Indian Breakfasts 

Full English Breakfast £11.95

Two eggs (fried, poached, scrambled), thick back bacon, sausage, black pudding, filled mozzarella portobello mushrooms, masala beans, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, toasted white bread/toasted brown bread, condiments. (Allergens: gluten, eggs, Sulphur dioxide )

Vegetarian Indian Breakfast £11.95

Mini masala dosa, steamed vermicelli cake, 2 samosas, sweet potato dumpling vada pav, hash brown, grilled tomatoes, filled mozzarella portobello mushrooms sambhar, assorted chutneys (Allergens:  gluten, - milk, Sulphur dioxide)      

Vegan Breakfast £10.95

Tofu akuri, 2 vegan sausages, 2 hash brown, filled vegan mozzarella portobello mushrooms, masala beans, grilled tomato, dosa filled with masala potato. (Allergens- gluten)          

Eggs benedict £7.95

Two poached eggs and ham with hollandaise sauce, grilled tomatoes , crispy salad. (Allergens- gluten, dairy, eggs)

French Toast with fresh berries

Honey and mixed berries (Allergens- gluten, eggs)

Toasted Frankie Wraps 

Continental breakfast Frankie wrap £8.95  

(Egg, cheese, bacon, sausage, hash brown, masala bean, herb mayo sauce, salad) (Allergens:  - gluten, eggs)

Vegetarian Frankie wrap £8.95  

(Egg, cheese, hash brown, cumin spiced mashed avocado, mushrooms, herb mayo sauce, grilled tomato, masala beans) (Allergens: - gluten, eggs)        

Dosa and Idli 

Breakfast Idlis (3 steamed rice cakes) £9.95 

Idli is a soft and fluffy steamed cake made of fermented rice & lentil batter. These are one of the healthiest protein packed breakfasts from South Indian cuisine.  Selection: Oriental chicken | Vegetarian, sambar with assorted chutneys (Allergens: - mustard)

Breakfast Dosa £12.95

Dosai is a south Indian crepe served with assorted chutneys and sambar

Filling selection: Masala potato | Chicken tikka | Goat kebab | Cheese, egg and red onion | (Allergens: eggs, - mustard)

Omelets and Scrambled Egg 

Three eggs omelets served with spiced wedges, grilled tomatoes, garlic and tomato sauce; mixed salad, herb cream dressing £10.90 

Filling selection: - Cheese and red onion | Indian masala | Ham and cheese |Spinach and Mushrooms (Allergens: eggs, Milk)

Indian Style Scramble Egg £10.90

Eggs akuri served with masala beans with Toast or wedges. Akuri is an Indian parsi style runny scrambled egg.   (Allergens: eggs, milk)

Grilled Bap   

Grilled floured Bap sandwich (served with homemade garlic tomato sauce and crispy salad) £7.95

Choose from: - Sausage and two Eggs | Bacon and two Eggs | two Eggs and cheese | Vegetarian (Hash brown, cumin spiced mashed avocado, Halloumi, grilled tomato) (Allergens: - gluten, eggs, milk)


Jumbo Croissants served with homemade garlic tomato sauce and crispy salad £7.95 

Filling selection: - Sausages and two Egg | Bacon and two Egg | two Eggs and Cheese | Vegetarian (hash brown, cumin spiced mashed avocado, halloumi, grilled tomato) (Allergens: - gluten, egg, dairy)

Muffins Muffins served with homemade garlic tomato sauce and crispy salad. £5.95 

Select from: - Sausage and Egg | Bacon and Egg Muffin| Eggs and Cheese Muffin | Vegetarian muffin (hash brown, cumin spiced mashed avocado, halloumi, grilled tomato) (Allergens: - gluten,  eggs)

Add a Sides

Two Hash Brown £2.50

Two Bacon £ 2.95

Two vegan Sausage £2.95

Two sausages £2.95

Two Eggs (Fried, poached, scrambled) £2.95

Spiced wedges £1.95

Croissant £1.60

Masala Beans £1.60

Toast with Butter, jam & marmalade £2.50

Hot Drinks 

Coffee Regular coffee | Latte | Cappuccino | Macchiato 3.30 (contains milk) 

Espresso 1.95 | Double 2.95

Liquor Coffee (contains milk) 6.95 

English Breakfast tea | Earl grey | Peppermint tea | Masala chai 2.95

Soft drinks and mocktails

Mango Lassi £3.95 (contains milk)

Apple Juice £2.50

Orange Juice £2.50