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Each burger is topped with a brioche bun, side of spiced wedges, garlic tomato sauce and chickpea coleslaw.

Chicken Tandoori Burger £10.95

(Allergens: MLK, CE, E, G)

Fried egg, cheddar cheese, onions, mixed raita veg, lettuce and mint aioli.

Pulled Pork Burger. £12.95

(Allergens: MLK, CE, G, E, SY)

Streaky bacon, breaded mozzarella, red onions, mix veg raita, lettuce,

and jerk sauce.

Sirloin Steak Burger £13.50

(Allergens: MLK, CE, G, E, MD)

4oz steak burger, iceberg lettuce, goat patty, tomato, Monterey jack cheese with homemade burger sauce

Southern Style Veggie Burger £11.95

(Allergens: MLK, G, MD, E, CE )

Grilled halloumi, breaded mozzarella, tomato slice, red onions, lettuce, tomato garlic chipotle

Seafood Burger £13.95

(Allergens: F, C, MLK, G, E, CE)

Crab meat, Emmental cheese, fish cake prawn mango salsa.

Vegan Burger £11.95 

(Allergens: G, CE, MD, S, )

Vegetable patty, vegan mozzarella, caramelised red onion, crispy lettuce, hummus, aubergine salsa, vegan brioche bun, vegan coleslaw and vegan mayonnaise


Dosai is a south Indian crepe. £12.95

Filling Selection

Masala potato | Chicken tikka | Goat kebab | Cheese, egg and onion |

(Allergens: CE, MLK, MD, E)


Grilled Chicken Tikka Wrap £10.95

(Allergens: G, MLK, CE, E, MD)

Portion of spiced wedges and tomato garlic sauce

Grilled Goat Wrap  £11.95

(Allergens: F, C, MLK, G, E, CE)

Portion of spiced wedges and tomato garlic sauce


Spiced potato wedges £3.95

Biriyani rice £2.95

Nana Bread £2.95

Crispy pork skins £2.95

Seasonal vegetables £2.95

Chickpea Masala £2.95

Side salad £1.95

(All sides & specials may contain: CE, G, C, E, F, MLK, M, MD, S, SY, SD, N, P)


Southern fried cod fillets

Served with cod fillets, mushy peas, tartar sauce and salad.


Loaded tortilla, cheese, jalapeno, home made tomato garlic sauce, spiced wedges, BBQ sauce, creamy sauce and cheese.


Allergens Key

CE  - celery | G  - gluten | C -  crustaceans | E -  eggs | F - fish | L - lupin | MLK-  milk | M - molluscs | MD -  mustard | N - nuts | P - peanuts | S - sesame seeds | SY - soya | SD - Sulphur dioxide.